Affordable Room Additions for Your Conroe Home

Sometimes families outgrow the homes that they love. Maybe your family has recently expanded, a parent has moved in with you, or a child has returned home. Whatever the reason, sometimes the home you love can start to feel a little too small. Moving isn’t your only option! Room additions can give your family the space that you need without leaving your beloved home. You can continue to enjoy your home and your neighborhood while still getting the space that you need. Lee Brothers Construction has worked with many families in the Conroe area on room additions for their home. Consider room additions such as:

  • Adding on a new bedroom for a growing family.
  • Adding a new bathroom so you don’t have to shower on a schedule.
  • Adding an entire mother-in-law suite for a parent who is moving in with you.
  • Adding a family room onto your home so you have more room to gather with everyone.
  • Expanding your kitchen to keep up with demand.

Whatever kind of space that you need, the Lee Brothers Construction team has the resources, manpower, and experience that’s required to make it happen.

Trust Our Team With Your Home Additions

Lee Brothers Construction has been working with Conroe homeowners for years. During that time, we’ve established a reputation as a trusted partner in all the remodeling, renovation and home additions needed for the home. People trust our team because they know that we provide the best high-quality construction for the best value on every project that we handle. You can trust our team with your home additions because we’ll treat you, your home, and your budget with the utmost respect. We’ll start by getting to know more about you and the goals that you have for your room addition, then

We’ll start by getting to know more about you and the goals that you have for your room addition. Then we’ll talk to you about your budget and your must-haves for the space. Then our team will create plans for home additions that meet your needs while still staying within your budget. In the end, you’ll have a home addition that perfectly matches the style of your home and that expands your living space so every member of your household can be happy and comfortable.

Get a Free Quote on Conroe House Additions

If you are tired of feeling like the home that you love is too small, it’s time to discuss house additions with our Conroe team. You can get a free quote on house additions from us by giving us a call or contacting us through our website today. We’ll get more details about the addition that you want and then send you an affordable quote. We can get to work on your house additions right away, too, so you can start enjoying it sooner. Let us send you a quote today! Contact the Lee Brothers Construction team and see what we can do for your home.