The natural look of a wood cabin is possible for your New Waverly home with the application of wood siding. This is the most popular choice for aesthetic appearance – and with good reason! Wood, as we all know, comes from trees. And there are a lot of trees in the world for us to choose from for our wood siding. It is not as common today to cover your home with wood siding, but it was the main structural support and exterior protection for hundreds of years.

Wood siding is expensive! A common wood for siding is cedar, which can cost twice as much as vinyl or aluminum siding. Don’t fret too much about the price as it still averages around $4 – $6.5 per square foot. The durability and look of wood siding is worth the price! Wood is a natural insulator which is why it was so popular in the good ol’ days.

It’s an option, today, to create your wood siding from natural lumber; however, it is usually manufactured especially for siding panels through a special engineering process. Wood chips are collected and pressure cooked with steam to refine the chips into fibers. Then, resin is added to bind the wood fibers for durability. Now anyone that has seen a forest in a rainstorm knows that trees soak up the water to sustain life. In order to make these wood chip fibers water resistant for your home’s protection, a special wax is mixed into the fibers and resin. This special engineering process allows us to use more of the natural resource since we are collecting the wood chips from other projects and it makes your home water resistant.

When it comes time to selecting the right wood siding for your home, be sure to ask your local siding contractors, Lee Brothers Construction, for the wood choices, stains, or paints available. We want you to love your home, so we’ll offer you a free quote to get the right information for your home.

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