Why Choose Lee Brothers Roofing

  • We treat each customer as if you were our family
  • Walker, Polk and surrounding counties have been our home & workplace for 30 years
  • Roofing is our specialty
  • Offer quality craftsmanship for a competitive, affordable price
  • We enjoy small and big projects alike
  • Free roof inspection and estimate!

Are you searching around Livingston, TX for a professional roofer? Look just around the corner for Lee Brothers Construction, based in Huntsville. We are proud to serve Livingston as a roofer that gets the job done right the first time. Whether you need us to build a roof for the first time or need a roof replacement, we’ll head to Livingston for your project. Lee Brothers does both residential and commercial roofing.

Need A New Roof?

As a certified general contractor, Lee Brothers understands the process of constructing a new home. Our roofing performance is enhanced by this knowledge. No matter the style of your new home, we can install a roof to match. From standard composite shingles to a metal roof to tile or slate, our professional roofers are ready to start construction. You can depend on Lee Brothers roofers to give you the roof of your dreams.

Need A Roof Replacement Or Repair?

Taking the time to check out your roof each season is worth it in the long run. You can prevent an entire roof replacement by catching damage at the first sign. Sure, a large storm can cause immediate damage that warrants a replacement, but that’s a certain circumstance and Lee Brothers is happy to help. In general, typical roof damage includes missing shingles, discoloration in your ceiling, leakage, mold, or a sagging attic. If these problems persist, you may be faced with an entire replacement when a small repair could have prevented the damage. Don’t forget – Lee Brothers offers a free roof inspection and estimate for you in Livingston. Call today!