Do you dream of a home with a metal roof so durable it will withstand the end of time? While we cannot promise a roof that will outlast our world, we can promise you a high-quality, durable roof for your home. It will keep you protected from weather elements, add a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your home, and it will keep your home properly insulated.

A metal roof is beneficial for your home because, with proper maintenance, a metal roof has a long life expectancy. A metal roof is resistant to water damage, mildew, rot, fire and insects. With a Lee Brothers Construction roofer, the installation of a metal roof is quick. Generally, metal roofs are made from aluminum, steel and copper.

The disadvantages of metal roofs are minor. Copper roofs are the most expensive of metal roofing materials but provides a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Steel and aluminum are more affordable materials. During storms, rain falling down can sound amplified on the metal roof and large hail can easily damage, but some find the rain to be a pleasant white noise.

Lee Brothers Construction is a family owned and operated roofing company based in Huntsville, TX. We travel around the northern Houston area installing roofs and performing other general contracting projects. We promise a high-quality installation of your metal roof. We aren’t like most roofing companies because we make our customers our priority. We enjoy traveling around and meeting people in the surrounding communities and welcoming them into our roofing family. Thank you for your business!