Composition roofs are the most common type of roof for residents in Huntsville and surrounding TX areas. Composition roofs are typically constructed using a fiberglass compilation including asphalt and other minerals to create shingles. One reason they are quite popular is due to the easy, fast installation.

The shingle is created using a fiberglass mat to reinforce the center of the shingle. Then, it is coated with minerals and asphalt to waterproof the shingle. You don’t want your roof leaking, after all, do you?

Composition shingles include a wide variety of shingles. They are typically split into three subcategories: 3-Tab Shingles, Laminate Shingles, and Architectural Shingles.

3-Tab Shingles

The 3-Tab shingle is the most common of all composite shingles due to the one-layer aesthetic pattern. They are installed as a sheet of three shingles each, hence the name. These are the easiest of all shingle roof options to maintain, so they are a very popular choice among homeowners.

Laminate Shingles

Similar to laminating a piece of paper, laminate shingles add an extra layer of protection to the 3-Tab shingles. The additional layer is fused to the base shingle to increase the thickness. Laminate shingles are generally the 3-Tab shingles with an upgrade for protection.

Architectural Shingles

Of all types of composition shingles, architectural shingles take the lead for most protective. These heavier, thicker, larger shingles are installed in large, layered slabs. In many cases, architectural shingles are capable of reducing moss growth on your roof. They are considered the best quality of composition shingles.

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