With 30 years of roofing construction under our belt here in Huntsville and the surrounding areas we have found a great place for you to start when thinking of building a new commercial property or replacing the roof on your current business.

Here are five questions that can serve as a starting point to your commercial roof:


1. What are the objectives of the property?

  • How long do you want to own the property?
  • Is a warranty necessary?
  • What is your budget?
  • How do you plan on gaining capital?

These questions are essential to understand the purpose of your building. These answers help us direct you toward materials and process that match the objective. Lee Brothers Construction is a licensed general contractor, so we can help you answer more questions about the entire building alongside roofing.

2. How will you use the property?

  • Are you expecting roof traffic?
  • Is the roof visible to the public? Do aesthetics matter?
  • Is a leak an immediate risk factor?
  • How would damage impact employees?

Maybe you’ll open a new restaurant featuring a rooftop deck or a play area for children. This requires a more stable roof plan whereas a visit from maintenance once per year will not need the extra support.

3. Where is your commercial property located?

Whether your business is in town or on the outskirts, the location can affect the type of roof. If you get a lot of sunlight, you may want to consider a reflective material to improve energy efficiency or to increase stability for the installation of solar panels.

4. What are the local building codes?

Ask your roofing professional here at Lee Brothers for specific information on codes and guidelines. We are happy to share our knowledge regarding your questions. If you’d like information on general building codes in Huntsville, you can check out HuntsvilleTX.Gov to get you started.

5. How is your building constructed?

  • Do you know details of your building and roof construction?
  • What material do you want for your roof?
  • Will you leave the existing roof in place or tear it off?
  • What are your insulation needs?

Again, Lee Brothers Construction is a licensed general contractor, so we can help answer questions about your entire property.

Make a list of all factors to consider… Start with these and build a list of your own questions to ask your roofing professional here at Lee Brothers Construction. Give us a call today!