When starting a remodeling project on your Huntsville-area home, it can be tough to know where to start or what to do. Our team can help you put your plans on paper, developing a budget and formalizing your ideas into a workable home renovation plan. Even if you just have an idea you want to explore more or need help getting the design of your home remodeling project right, Lee Brothers Construction offers consultation and design services that can help you start moving your plans forward.

Huntsville Home Remodeling Consultations

We’ve worked with homeowners all over the Huntsville area to help them develop their home remodeling plans. Maybe you want to add a new bathroom into your basement, renovate your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space, or finally knock out that wall separating your living room and kitchen. Our consultation services can help you identify potential issues with your project, plans to overcome them, and help you finalize both your plan and a budget.

Make it Beautiful With Our Texas Design Services

Our Texas design services team can help you put the final touches on your design or on the finished space to make it look its absolute best. Our team has years of experience developing beautiful rooms and renovations for our Huntsville customers and now we can help you create a space that you can’t wait to use and share with your family and friends. Our design services take into account your budget and personal taste to create a space you’ll love.

Call Lee Brothers Construction for a free estimate on our remodeling consultation and design services. We’ll help you make the plans that bring your dream home to life!