Window Replacement Can Help You Save Money

How old are the windows in your Conroe home? If you can’t remember the last time they were replaced or don’t know for sure, it might be time to explore window replacement from Lee Brothers. A lot of older homes in the area have windows that allow drafts to get in and indoor air to leak out. This makes it harder to heat and cool your home, meaning you are spending more energy to do so. That translates into a higher monthly energy bill. Energy prices aren’t going down anytime soon. The smart thing to do is invest in higher quality windows that are more energy efficient. Our window replacement team can do the work for you! We can even find the right windows for your home, matching your style and your budget to find something that’s perfect. Our installation team works quickly to get your new windows in place in no time! It’s a no-stress process that we’ll manage from beginning to end and ensure that everything is cleaned up before we go. All you’ll need to do is enjoy the view from your new windows!

Door Replacement Gives Your Home New Style

You shouldn’t overlook the importance of your front door. Your door is part of the first impression your home gives, so it’s vital to its personality, style, and curb appeal–all things that play into the overall value of your home, too. Plus, your doors provides your home with important security as well as stopping energy leaks that make it expensive to heat and cool your home. If your doors aren’t doing the job they are supposed to be doing, it might be time to consider door replacement services from our Conroe team. We can help you find great doors for every room in your home, including your front door, sliding back door, garage entrance door, and more. Our door replacement services can help you save money on your monthly energy bills as well as help freshen up the appearance and style of your home. We will take care of your home and make sure you love your new doors. We’ll make sure your new doors are working perfectly before we leave!

Get a Free Quote from Our General Contractor Today

If you think it’s time for door or window replacement on your Conroe home, give our team a call. Lee Brothers Construction is a general contractor operating in the Conroe and surrounding areas. We’ve worked with many Conroe homeowners to help them get the doors and windows that they need for their homes. We can find the doors and windows that fit your home’s style while also fitting into your budget. Let us show you what we can do and get in touch with us today. You can call us or contact us through our website. Just give us some information on the doors and windows that you need and we’ll send you a free quote on our window and door replacement services today!