A slate or tile roof is one of the most beautiful residential roofing options in the whole world! It is also a very natural style roof. Tiles are typically made from cement or clay ceramic. A tile roof has been a very popular style since early roofs were made of clay coming directly from the ground. Early tiles were created over the thigh to create the arc shape. The arc shape is essential to the installation and function of the roof. The arc shape is important to create airflow under the tile which then makes the roof deck cooler, ultimately resulting in a cooler interior.

Slate roof tiles have an extremely long lifespan. This is advantageous to both you, as the homeowner, and to Mother Nature. Since a slate tile roof lasts as long as 100 years, it prevents excess, old roof materials from entering the landfill. Furthermore, slate and tile roofs are made of fire resistant materials!

Slate and tile roofs are more expensive for both materials and installation, but for the high quality product, it is worth it! The materials are built to last, so the expense is high at first. These incredible materials weigh more than the average shingle, so the installation process is slower. Altogether, slate and tile roofs provide a beautiful aesthetic appearance, top protection, and are environmentally friendly.

Occasionally, during the rare snow storms we have in Huntsville, the snow and ice can break the tile or sneak in below the surface to create a leak. When this happens, call Lee Brothers Construction for repairs! We offer a free roof inspection and quote.