It is imperative to acknowledge and fix all roof damage as soon as it is noticed. All too often we see cases of people ignoring the damage at first sign. Some say it’s a daunting task, that it is overwhelming, while others think a roof is seemingly indestructible and assume it will take care of itself. Both are extreme points of view that do not lead to the happy ending. Lee Brothers Construction is happy to help you with all roof repairs, big or small, in Huntsville and surrounding TX areas.

Let’s say your roof is missing a few shingles. It doesn’t seem like a large problem until there is a monsoon-like rainstorm. The lack of protection in that one spot allows water to seep into the frame, causing leaks and structural weakness. Now you must replace that part of your structure as well as any subsequent damage caused by leaks. You could have prevented the extra damage by replacing the shingles immediately.

Another problem that can arise with missing shingles blows in with the wind. Shingles are aerodynamically installed to keep your roof from blowing away in the wind. When a shingle or two goes missing, the gap is an additional target area for the wind. The gust will get under the shingles surrounding the gap and rip them off as well. Again, another example of further damage due to ignoring the first problem.

We work with many types of roof materials including composition shingles, metal, flat, tile and slate roofs.  The Lee Brothers are proud to be Top Rated Local® roofing contractors in the Texas area. We want to make your home safe, sturdy and protected. Call us today for a free quote on your roof repairs.

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