The proper maintenance of your roof is essential. A quality shingled roof generally lasts 20 years, but it can last as little as a few years without maintenance. Staying current with roof repairs gets you the most value out of your home’s roof.

Our team of roofers offers repair services for all types of roofs including shingles, chimneys, and flashing.

Shingles Roof Repair

Many residential homes have shingled roofing on their homes. Shingles are one of the quickest and easiest roof styles to repair. When one shingle is missing or damaged, Lee Brothers can install a new one in its place. It’s important to replace missing shingles immediately. You allow for more damage by prolonging the replacement. A missing shingle can lead to leaks or easier access for the wind to pick up and remove more shingles.

Chimney and Flashing Repair

A properly functioning chimney is essential to the airflow of your home. Flashing is a metal – usually galvanized steel or aluminum – that is used in the joint areas of your roof to prevent leaks and damage. Flashing is usually installed surrounding the chimney, vents, and windows. Over time, weather can cause the flashing to relax around the seams allowing dirt and debris to infiltrate. It is essential to keep the flashing sealed tight to prevent water seeping into your home.

Lee Brothers Construction is happy to offer you roof repair services for your shingles, chimney and flashing. Call us today for a free inspection and quote for your home in Huntsville, TX and the surrounding areas.