The traditional home is pictured with a sloped roof, but when following the ducks all in a row just doesn’t fit your lifestyle, go for a flat roof for your home in Huntsville or a surrounding TX area. Lee Brothers Construction constructs, repairs or replaces flat roofs. Our goal is to leave you highly satisfied with a roof that protects your home without breaking your pocketbook. We promise to give you honest, dependable work for a competitive price. You can count on us for a high-quality installation of your flat roof.

A flat roof is the easiest of all roof styles to repair because it lacks any slant, thus making it safe for all who tread on it (Don’t be mislead as you are high above the ground and should still practice caution). Come time to decorate, flat roofs are easy to hang lights. What’s more, an owner of a home with a flat roof has the luxury of easy inspections as you do not have to worry about balancing on the slope. However, this also requires more frequent inspections as there is not a slope for debris to fall down. Annual maintenance is a great start, but it’s best to check it at least once per season.

One great advantage of installing a flat roof is that it’s one of the most affordable roofing solutions. With less surface area comes less cost. What you are saving in cost you make up in maintenance; however, the maintenance does not have to cost you any more as long as you are capable of clearing debris and ensuring there are no standing puddles that can cause leaks. If you aren’t a fan of heights or don’t want the burden of routinely checking your roof, Lee Brothers Construction is happy to help you with seasonal maintenance. You are part of our roofing family, after all!

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