Painting your home is a great way to give it a fresh look without major construction! Whether it’s inside or outside, house painting makes your home look clean, well-maintained, and can improve both it’s curb appeal and interior style. While the final results may look incredible, it’s a lot of work for the average homeowner to take on! Hours of prep work, even more time actually painting, and all of the cleanup make it an expensive drain on your time. Instead of doing it yourself, let our house painting team in Huntsville do it for you!

Save Money on Interior Painting

Our team makes quick work of your interior painting work in your Texas home! We have all the tools ready to go, saving you from investing in the brushes, rollers, painters tape and other specialized equipment. Plus, our team of professional painters knows exactly how to achieve flawless results with your paint, doing the appropriate prep and finishing work to make your space look as amazing as possible.

Save Time on Exterior Painting

Exterior painting isn’t just time consuming, it can be dangerous, too. Let the expert team of exterior painters at Lee Brothers Construction handle it for you. We offer consultations on paint colors or can take your colors and immediately get to work. We have the equipment and experience to finish the job quickly and leave you with a home that looks incredible!

Call our team for a free estimate on the house painting services that you need in Huntsville. Interior or exterior painting is made affordable and easy when you work with us!